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Seung Hoon Choi Dared Washington Huskies To 'Call Him A Fat Asian Again'

There are players throughout college football with interesting stories and backgrounds that led them to their respective collegiate team. For Nebraska's Seung Hoon Choi, a walk-on to the program who finally saw playing time against the Washington Huskies earlier this season, he may just be one of the most unique and talkative players in the nation.

Nebraska ran for 309 yards against the Huskies' seventh-ranked rushing defense. Yoshi Hardrick, a talkative left tackle from Mississippi prep powerhouse South Panola High School, lined up knee-to-knee with Choi in his first start. He called it the most fun game he has ever played.

"Choi was talking on every play, saying to Washington 'call me a fat Asian again,'" Hardrick said. "I didn't know he talked that much."

As the story on Choi explains, he came to America just a few years ago. For a guy who did not speak more than a few words of English, it must have been pretty awesome to hear the lineman from Korea essentially daring the Huskies to insult him for not necessarily being the prototypical player. 

He may be on an opposing team, but Seung Hoon Choi is a player fans should root for, regardless of the uniform he puts on each week. His parents will be coming to America for the first time in October to see their son play football. Hopefully the Michigan State linemen are foolish enough to call Seung a 'fat Asian' once again.