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University Of Washington Moving Student Section From Traditional Spot To Endzone

The University of Washington is currently undertaking a $250 million renovation project of Husky Stadium, which should be good news for the school's students, right? Not quite. As a part of the project, the university is moving the student section from its normal, primetime position to the endzone, according to ESPN's Jim Caple.

This isn't going to make the students happy. What happens when the Huskies get into the red zone on the other side of the stadium? They won't be able to see what's going on. They won't be able to watch their team put up points without looking up at the scoreboard.

On the flip side, though, what happens when an opponent marches down the field and is in position to score? The entire student section can whip up some good distractions from their new vantage point.

But will those two things offset one another? I don't think so- the move will surely help the university raise more money (with the prime seats up for sale to the public now)  and it could help the team's defense with the right, coordinated distractions, but by and large students will likely feel removed from the game to some degree. Isn't college supposed to be tailored to students, anyway?

This is a sad development for the student body, but avid fans will get over it. Football is football, and the Huskies will make do with this new set-up.