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Seattle Seahawks Lead NFL With Fewest Dropped Passes Through Three Weeks

The Sehawks have only dropped one pass all season, placing them tops in the league along with the New England Patriots.

The Seattle Seahawks lead the league in fewest dropped passes through the first three games of the regular season, according to an ESPN report. The Seahawks, along with the New England Patriots, have only one drop through the first 180 minutes of NFL action this season.

None of the Seahawks receivers- from Sidney Rice (eight catches) to Doug Baldwin (seven catches) to Golden Tate (five catches)- have yet to drop a pass, and the lone drop comes from running back Marshawn Lynch. This is good news for Seattle's passing offense, but take this news with a grain of salt. The Seahawks are one of the most pass-averse teams in the league right now, having only attempted 97 passes over the first three games. That figure places Seattle 24th in the league in passing attempts.

Compare that to the Patriots, who have attempted 133 passes over the first three games. New England has 36 more pass attempts than Seattle, which makes the Patriots a bit more impressive in the department of dropped passes at this point.

Still, the Seahawks can be content with the fact that their wide receivers are not dropping balls. Their passing game has not witnessed catch errors so far this season and this shouldn't change too much as the season progresses, provided that the Seahawks don't lose personnel at quarterback or wide receiver to injury or trades.