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Oregon vs. Arizona Score Update: LaMichael James Enjoying Career Night, Ducks Up 49-24

The Arizona Wildcats showed some moxie early in the third quarter. Arizona mounted a 12 play, 74 yard drive to start the third quarter, cutting Oregon's lead to 35-16. After an Oregon personal foul killed the next drive, Arizona drove nine plays and 65 yards on the next possession to cut the lead to 35-24.

Back came the Oregon Ducks though. Darron Thomas found Lavasier Tuinei for 15 yards, then LaMichael James burst for another huge rush (31 yards) to put themselves deep in Arizona territory. Oregon then alternated James and Kenjon Barner rushes to set up a Darron Thomas five yard touchdown rush up the middle on 4th and short to put Oregon up 42-24. Arizona's drive in Oregon territory stalled when Ducks pressure took down Nick Foles on 4th down, and then James put up two more incredible rushes of 47 and 22 yards to set up a quick Barner touchdown to put Oregon back in control, up 49-24.

James has rushed for 260 yards on 18 carries. He's quite a player, that LaMichael.

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