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Oregon Vs. Arizona: Start Time Moved Back; Gonna Be A Long Night

The Oregon Ducks and Arizona Wildcats will get underway a bit late, and even then the start may not be on TV. The Ducks are waiting for South Carolina and Vanderbilt to finish up, though the SEC matchup is taking a bit of time to finally wind to a close. In that matchup, South Carolina holds a comfortable lead, and it'll take a miracle for some kind of comeback to happen.

Oregon and Arizona will kick it off on ESPN2 immediately following the current matchup. As of now, the start time is set for 7:26 p.m. PDT. So if you're panicked and looking for the matchup on TV right now, never fear: it's coming soon.

The Ducks and Wildcats cap a long day of Pac-12 action, playing in the traditional late matchup. USC and Arizaon State are also in the late timeslot, set to kickoff right around the same time as the Ducks. Settle in for another fun-filled night of Pac-12 football!

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