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Q & A With Michael Rector, Bellarmine Prep Wide Receiver

Wide Receiver Michael Rector from Bellarmine Prep committed to UW this past June. Here's an interview with him covering topics spanning his personal goals, his outlook for the season and his commitment to UW.

Michael Rector, Bellarmine Prep
Michael Rector, Bellarmine Prep

Michael Rector Highlight Reel 2010 - Football (Jr year) (via FuManTV)


Bellarmine Prep's Michael Rector is one of the five in-state recruits from the class of 2012 that has already committed to play football for the University Washington. The senior wide receiver has led his team to a 3-0 record and has a scored a touchdown in each of his team's wins so far.

Your team has started the season 3-0, what has made the team so successful so far?
I think that the team has been so successful this far because we are all staying focused. We have our goals set, but we take everything week by week. We always say, "this is the biggest week because it's this week." We all want one thing, but we know we all have to stay focused and continue to push ourselves beyond our potential to reach that goal.

What are the team's goals?
We have a lot, the seniors actually get together at the beginning of the season to make them. But the main three are to hang a banner, be the best us and to play for the Lord.

Do you have any personal goals?
To catch everything thrown to me and to help this team get as far as we can, no matter what my role.

I see that you play both ways, what position do you like to play more; wide receiver or defensive back?
Personally I like to play on the offensive side of the ball more, but I'll play wherever my team needs me to play. I really enjoy both.

Describe your style at receiver, what do you do well?
I feel like I'm a burner -- im speedy and quick. I also feel like i have good hands and my routes are getting way better.

What did you work on this off-season in particular to get better?
I got in the weight room and put on some weight. Specifically to receiving; route running, catching more with my hands, getting in and out of breaks, and getting off of jams.

You verbally committed to UW in June. Do you still plan to honor this commitment even though Stanford offered after you committed?
Yeah, I'm still committed to Washington. I attended camp at Stanford and saw the campus and all of that. They're not a bad school. As of now, I'm a Husky.

Why did you pick UW?
I like the program and I like the location of it, being fairly close to home.

Was it your goal to play in college once you started playing football? Or was it just something that came as a possibility as you got better?
Ever since I was a little kid, i always wanted to play in college, and God willing, in the NFL.

Is there a particular former or current college or NFL player you model your game after?
Not really, I just want to be the first Michael Rector, the first me. I want to push myself to be the best I can be. I like Reggie Wayne though.

What motivates you? What keeps you going?
I get my main motivation from God. I play for Him and I live for Him. My desire to make my family proud also keeps me going.

Who will be your toughest opponent in league play?
Probably Olympia. But we dont look ahead. Like i said before, every week is the biggest because it's this week.

Before the game, my iPod is on....
We Don't Get Down Like Ya'll by T.I. and anything by Taylor Swift

If I didn't care about its effect on my conditioning and my body I'd be eating this food all the time...
Candy! Especially Mike and Ikes and Skittles.

Favorite T.V. show?
Grey's Anatomy, House, Jersey Shore, The Buried Life

Favorite Jersey Shore character?
J Wow

Least favorite?

I have a celebrity athlete crush on...
Alex Morgan

Not Hope Solo?
Hope Solo is number two behind Alex Morgan, haha.