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VIDEO: Hope Solo Debuts On Dancing With The Stars, Shows Promise

Hope Solo made her debut on Dancing With the Stars, and it was an auspicious start for the women's soccer talent. She started off with a graceful Viennese waltz, and looked like one of the clear favorites to get far in this contest. Check out the video of her performance after the jump.

Hope Solo's First Dance! - Dancing With The Stars (via ABCNetwork)

Solo looks like she's got great potential to succeed on this show. Her body clearly is in top physical shape; fresh off the World Cup, Solo is in top form and looks like she could sky for some big goalie stops any minute. She also seems to team up well with her partner for this program in Maksim Chmerkovskiy, which could be crucial down the road.

Interestingly, Solo's strength as a soccer goalie might be a weakness early in this competition. The judges said that Solo had to work on control and balance to become more delicate in her dancing. But it's hard to really see how Solo won't go deep in this competition barring some bad performances.

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