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Oregon Ducks "O" Hand Symbol Deemed Excessive Celebration (VIDEO)

Hey guys, you know that little celebration that Oregon Ducks players have been doing since forever? The harmless little motion where they put together their hands in the "O" to celebrate big plays? It all be foul soon enough.

Apparently Pac-12 officiating coordinator Mike Pereira has decided that these "O" celebrations are a moral danger to the fabric of our country, and is embarking on a moral crusade to get this nonsense out of the sport. The important things, people.

<a href="" mce_href="" target="_new" title="">Pereira: Week 2 CFB call</a>

Pereira goes on to say that saluting our country (U-S-A!) and getting down in prayer (God!) are quite okay, but everything else won't be tolerated. Football players have to learn to be subservient and submit themselves to patriotism and religion, the tenets of "real America, y'all."

I guess it's good practice. This sort of celebration penalty is something they'll have to deal with a lot at the next level in the pros, where celebration must be suppressed and Monday Morning quarterbacks everywhere must drink a hearty morning glass of smug satisfaction.

Pereira personally guarantees that Oregon head coach Chip Kelly will be getting a phone call about this. I'm going to take a wild guess what Kelly will have to say back to him.

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