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PHOTO: Oregon Uniforms Vs. Nevada: Yellow Jerseys, Grey Pants, Carbon-Fiber Helmets

It'll be hard to top the Oregon Ducks going all black in their Nike Pro Combat unis last week, so it's no surprise that their look on Saturday doesn't stand out too much. So even despite some stylish grey carbon-fiber helmets on display today against the Nevada Wolf Pack, it's clearly a step down in the "that look be hot" department.

Still, it's Oregon, and it's Nike, and it's always worth taking a look at.


(HT to Rob Moseley of the Eugene Register-Guard, who's currently at Autzen Stadium and was able to view the new looks; also thanks to Ian Morris for tweeting the original design)

The first thing I think about when looking at the new duds of the Ducks is drinking a nice cold lemonade on a grey Saturday morning. I'm guessing that was the intended effect by the design artists, because that's probably how a lot of people feel in Eugene on gameday.