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VIDEO: Johnny Hekker With The Worst Punt Ever In Oregon State vs. Wisconsin?

So about that punt by Johnny Hekker in the Oregon State-Wisconsin game ...

 (via Jk44linebacker)

If you watch the replay, you can see the mistake Johnny Hekker made on this punt to end all punts. Hekker was trying to attempt a rugby style punt to minimize the threat of a huge return, but it looks like the ball was misaligned with his foot. Hekker kept that ball straight ahead instead of making sure it was aligned with his leg. So the football was angled at about 30 degrees when Hekker took that ball up.

The Beavers punted from their own 18. The Badgers took over from Oregon State's 14. That's a net loss of four yards on the play there. The Badgers capitalized with a quick score to give them a 7-0 lead over the Beavers. They can thank Hekker's bad adjustment to the football for that. He's made up for it by booming most of the rest of his punts, but it's still not quite enough.