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Seahawks Vs Chargers Game Time, TV/Radio Programming Information

The Seahawks face off against the San Diego Chargers on Thursday evening, so make sure you set your TiVos, VHS, camcorders pointed at the TV bootleg style,-- whatever it is you use to record your favorite programs. 

Location: San Diego

Stadium: Qualcomm Stadium

Expected Temperature: 67 degrees, partly cloudy

TV: ESPN (that's a sporting news television channel, I believe)

Time: 5:00PM PST

Radio: 710ESPN (AM Dial) / 97.3 KIRO (FM Dial)

The lockout is over, sh*t is about to get real. Full pads, full speed, no-holds-barred, battle-to-the-death, cage-match, gladiator, thunderdome, all those cliches.

Other Things To Expect: 

Beer commercials.

Truck commericials.

Commercials featuring guys wearing flannel, mustaches, jeans, probably Brett Favre, chicks in bikinis, and probably financial and retirement related things. 

Commercials for the NFL, with the latest hip songs.

Things featuring patriotism and American flags, because this is 'Merica, dammit. Also, if you're between the ages of 17-34, expect to get recruited by the military.

Finally, interspersed into all those commercials, a football game will happen. In that, you can expect to see a bunch of sloppy, disorganized, ugly, football. Lots of penalties, false starts, and god forbid, probably a few injuries. This is the effect we'll see from what's being called the Lockout Hangover. Just prepare yourselves. Strap in. Buckle up. Put on your big boy pants. Hold on to your butts. More cliches.