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Little League World Series Moves WNBA Game To ESPN Classic

Not that it takes much to elicit WNBA jokes from sports fans, but one almost certain way of doing so is apparently putting them through the agony of hearing about it while watching something else.

With the Little League World Series running longer than scheduled, ESPN was forced to move tonight's Seattle Storm vs. New York Liberty game to ESPN Classic.

And naturally, that bothered Twitter.

Those who have yet to warm up to the WNBA complained. WNBA fans felt slighted by having their pro basketball game supplanted by children.

In any event, you didn't have to be watching to predict what happened in the first quarter at the Prudential Center - the Storm turned the ball over six times and scored only 12 points, finishing the quarter down 20-12.

Also of note: 6-foot-6 reserve center Kara Braxton made her debut for the Liberty with about a minute left in the first quarter.