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Kayleigh Perkins-Mallory's Bad Luck On Lake Washington Continues

Lake Washington giveth and Lake Wahington taketh away. For Kayleigh Perkins-Mallory, it's been an up-and-down weekend at Seafair, culminating in a wild crash during the Unlimited Lights Finals on Sunday afternoon. Earlier this weekend, Perkins-Mallory won an Unlimited Lights heat, with her brother, Brian, also winning a heat on Sunday. But in the finals, Perkins-Mallory was taken for a ride before landing upside-down in Lake Washington after her boat went airborne and cartwheeled around.

This wasn't Perkins-Mallory's first experience with bad luck on Lake Washington, though. Earlier this year, she was involved in one of the more memorable moments on the lake this year. The dramatic video below shows her boat catching fire and exploding as she scrambled to get free and get away from the boat.

Perkins-Mallory was able to walk away from both incidents without major injury. On Sunday afternoon at Seafair, she was pulled from her upside-down boat by rescuers and taken to shore for further observation. She was fine, however, and even waved to the cameras as she was coming off the water.

We'll be back with video of Perkins-Mallory's amazing crash as soon as it's available. For more on the race, including the schedule and TV information, stay with out Seafair Hydroplane Race StoryStream.