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Seafair Hydroplane Race Results: Dave Villwock Cruises To Victory In Heat 3B

Dave Villwock had little to gain in heat 3B at the Seafair Hydroplane Races after already securing the maximum points in his first two trips around the course at Lake Washington. But that doesn't mean Villwock had any ideas of taking it easy. Instead, Villwock put the pedal to the floor, easily flying to the front and taking hold of the race on the first lap before calmly driving to the win, his third of the last two days.

Steve David started slow and decided to stay back from the pack, playing it safe with a spot in the final already secured. Instead of a rematch, David's Oh Boy Oberto machine died on the back-stretch as the boats were lining up for the start, forcing his hand and creating a situation where he had to back-off before the start. Still, David cruised to a third place finish, behind the Spirit of Qatar and the Graham Trucking boat.

Sunday has played-out about as expected, with Villwock dominating, David close behind and the rest of the field playing catch-up. For now, it looks as though Villwock has the boat to beat again, as his Spirit of Qatar machine is perfect on the weekend.

Heat 3A is up next at Seafair, after it was red-flagged due to a boat dead in the water. For more on the race, including the schedule and TV information, stay with out Seafair Hydroplane Race StoryStream.