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Video: Did Sue Bird Use An Illegal Screen On Her Buzzer-Beating Shot?

Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird's buzzer-beating 3-point shot.

After suffering a heartbreaking loss to the Seattle Storm last night, Connecticut Sun coach Mike Thibault said that Sue Bird received the help of an illegal screen to get open for her shot.

"That's a great shot that Sue (Bird) made at the end." Thibault said. "She got open with an illegal screen, but it was a heckuva shot. I thought it was going to be short when it left her hand, but sure enough, she's made enough big ones in her life. That's why she's one of the best in the world. It had to be a great game for fans, not for me, but for fans."

At about the five second mark, you might see what Thibault was referring too.

It does appear that Storm forward Swin Cash either pushed or grabbed Bird' defender as she popped out to receive the ball. And maybe Bird pushed off a little.

But that type of contact happens all the time in any professional basketball game. If the refs had made that call in that situation, they might not have made it out of KeyArena safely last night.