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NFL Free Agency: Jordan Babineaux Status Still Up In The Air, Contradicting Reports Surface

It has been a wild day surrounding Seattle Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux. Rumored to be deciding between the Seahawks and Tennessee Titans, John Clayton's latest tweet indicates he will remain with Seattle. Or at least that's what the reports are indicating now, anyway:

According to a source, S Jordan Babineaux is staying in Seattle and not going to the Titans.

While it appears the deal is moving closer to becoming final, Babineaux has changed his mind multiple times and nothing is official yet. Until the "i's" are dotted and the "t's" are crossed and we have confirmation from an official team source, it is probably best to remain somewhat skeptical.

Babineaux has spent his entire career with Seattle, but head coach Pete Carroll may be interested in other options instead of the eight-year veteran. With the Titans recent interest, though, things have heated up and the rumors have been flying left and right.


Doesn't sound like Babineaux is an any closer to a decision than he was earlier today. Seemingly no one knows what's really going on right now and contradicting reports keep surfacing.