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NFL Trade Rumors: Taylor Mays Reportedly On The Block After Jim Harbaugh Emails The League

Where is the love for Taylor Mays, the freak athlete from O'Dea High School? Mays is a physical specimen, possessing all the tools to be a successful football player, but also possessing plenty of question marks. While his size and speed are incredible, his football IQ, and ability to play the safety position, left some wondering if he could be successful ahead of the NFL Draft. Now it appears San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is among those skeptical of Mays.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the 49ers send out a mass email about Mays on Thursday afternoon.

49ers sent out a mass email this afternoon to teams around the league to try and trade safety Taylor Mays.less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

I have no idea what Harbaugh is doing here, but it's weird. It's not often an NFL head coach sends out a mass email to teams begging them to take a player in a trade. It's also not often a player as young as Mays is thrown up on the auction block.

This is where we throw in the obligatory Pete Carroll reference. Carroll coached Mays at USC and you can bet some will make the connection, wondering if the two will be reunited in Seattle. Do the Seahawks need Mays? Not necessarily, and especially not at a high price. But if San Francisco is willing to send out a fire-sale email, one has to wonder how desperate Harbaugh is to unload him.

We'll be back with more on the Seahawks trade rumors in this StoryStream. For more on Mays and the 49ers, head over to Niners Nation and SB Nation Bay Area. For more on the Seahawks, head over to Field Gulls.