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Dancing With The Stars Odds: Hope Solo Middle Of The Pack, Elisabetta Canalis Favored

You can bet on anything these days, including Dancing With The Stars. And while I believe Hope Solo has a good chance to win, the oddsmakers, apparently, do not agree. Instead, Solo holds middle-of-the-pack odds, behind such dancing machines as Kristin Cavallari, Chynna Phillips and Robert Kardashian. Of course.

The good news? Solo holds better odds than Ron Artest, David Arquette and Ricki Lake. That's a ringing endorsement if I've ever heard one. At 3/1, the odds-on favorite is Elisabetta Canalis, and I have no clue who she is. A quick Google search tells me she was once in a relationship with George Clooney, which seems to hold a bunch of weight in the world for one reason of another.

At any rate, here's your Dancing With The Stars Odds, provided by Bodog.

Elisabetta Canalis  3/1
Carson Kressley  4/1
Kristin Cavallari  5/1
Chynna Phillips  6/1
Robert Kardashian  15/2
Hope Solo  8/1
Ron Artest  10/1
David Arquette  10/1
J.R. Martinez  12/1
Ricki Lake  15/1
Nancy Grace  18/1
Chaz Bono  20/1

For the latest on Solo, stay with this Dancing With The Stars StoryStream.