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Oregon Ducks' Mascot Seeks Therapy, Contemplates Migration

Life as a mascot is tough, especially for Puddles, the adorable Oregon Duck. Last season, Puddles suffered through his most grueling test yet as the Oregon offense hit full-throttle, forcing him into a life of push-ups and non-stop exercise. For Puddles, it may have been too much.

You see, young Puddles was forced into therapy, where he contemplated following the rest of his family south, migrating away instead of meandering the sidelines at Autzen Stadium and partaking in what's expected to be another punishing season filled with push-ups.

If this all sounds like a cheesy story made for some kind of contest, it is! Here's Puddles' Capital One Mascot Bowl promo video.

I won't spoil the ending, but there's a dramatic climax that involves Puddles in a Hawaiian shirt, standing at the crossroads. Will he choose a life of touchdowns and push-ups or a beach with margaritas and tail-feathers? Who knows!

It could be worse: Oregon could've received the treatment Arizona's mascot did. Or, you know, this could happen again.


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