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Washington Huskies Basketball Recruiting: Jabari Parker (2013 SF) Looking At BYU

Swingman Jabari Parker from Simeon High in Chicago has many, many reasons to join the Washington Huskies in the 2013 recruiting class. Percy Allen of the Husky Men's Basketball Blog points out that Jabari's dad and Lorenzo Romar were teammates with the Golden State Warriors. Jabari's brother could soon be enrolling at UW and join the Huskies as a team manager, according to a profile Seth Davis did of the talented and intelligent prepster for Sports Illustrated. And by the time the 6'8" Parker arrives on campus, many of the talented wings in front of him should be on their way out, clearing the way for him to start as early as possible.

(via CityLeagueHoopsTV)


But all of those relationships might not be able to overcome faith. The #1 recruit in this year's junior class is looking very closely at the possibility of becoming one of the BYU Cougars in two falls.

Parker, who is a member of the LDS Church, recently told National Hoops Report that his interest in BYU is "pretty serious." "They keep on recruiting me and I'm showing interest in them, too," Parker said. "I don't have any favorites, but they are in there.

Parker's top five schools are Duke, Michigan State, Illinois, Kansas and Washington in no particular order, but expect BYU to creep into the mix as time goes by. Davis does point out that Parker isn't planning on going a mission while at BYU (not a requirement, but certainly encouraged), but Washington is far from assured at landing one of the burgeoning stars in high school hoops.

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