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NFL Trade Rumors: Osi Umenyiora In Demand As Price Drops; Seahawks Have Trade Pieces

Osi Umenyiora may be the hottest realistic trade target in the NFL right now. With the New York Giants reportedly unwilling to restructure his contract, Umenyiora asked for a trade, receiving permission from the team to work out his own deal earlier this week. But Umenyiora's services come with a steep price, both in a contract sense and trade sense. And even though the Giants have lowered their price -- reportedly asking for a second-round pick instead of a first -- there's still a ways to go before Umenyiora is moved.

There are conflicting reports about whether or not the Giants will take anything less than a first-round draft pick. On Tuesday, John Clayton seemed to hint that the price had come down. But on Wednesday, he was less sure.

We'll see if things pick up today on the Osi U. front. If the Giants are willing to take less than a No. 1, things could start happening.

The Seahawks are in a unique position with regards to Umenyiora. If Seattle is involved in trade negotiations, it may have a new trade chip in play, as mentioned on Tuesday. With Zach Miller now in the mix, John Carlson -- with one year left on his contract -- is somewhat expendable, even with Pete Carroll telling the media both fit into the Seahawks plans. Carlson could be dangled as trade bait, perhaps allowing the Seahawks to send a lesser draft pick to New York.

Seattle has the pieces to make a deal work, but the price -- even if it is a second round pick or Carlson and a later draft pick -- is steep. With the rebuilding process underway, draft picks are as valuable as ever for the Seahawks, making it tough to see Seattle part with an early-round pick for Umenyiora, who is pushing 30.

Check out the full league year schedule here. We'll be back with more on the Seahawks trade rumors in this StoryStream. For even more Seahawks news and notes, head over to Field Gulls.