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Oregon Ducks' Season Preview Video Is Incredibly Well Done

I'm not an Oregon fan, per se -- as a Washington State grad and Seattle resident, disliking the Ducks is almost a prerequisite of residency. But I can respect what the Ducks are doing and I'm willing to point out when they do something incredibly awesome. The Nike Pro Combat uniforms the Ducks will wear for their season-opener make me jealous, and the hype video put together by Ducks Empire is brilliantly done.

I'm a sucker for a good hype video -- Washington's was and so is the following. See for yourself.

Perhaps it's that the college football season is now within reach. Perhaps the long offseason -- which is the same every year, but seems to drag on for an eternity -- has made the heart grow fonder. Whatever it is, the return of college football always feels special, especially in the week before the season begins for real.

It's game week ... finally. And these hype videos should make any fan ready to run through a brick wall, no matter the team allegiance.