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Nike Pro Combat Uniforms: Video And Photos Of Oregon Ducks' New Gear

With the recent problems surrounding LSU's players being suspended and possibly arrested due to a bar fight, there is still a lot of buzz about Nike's new Pro Combat uniforms to be worn by the Oregon Ducks during their season opener down at Cowboys Stadium. 

Some new photos and even a video of Oregon's fresh gear have surfaced thanks to Will Brinson of, with Oregon actually sporting bulletproof technology on their jerseys (seriously):


As you can see above, the 2011 Oregon football jerseys sport the similar "winged" look as the 2010 -- the jerseys are built out of Nike Flywire technology (which is the same stuff in the sides of most of your new Nike shoes), and includes ultra-strong Kevlar (bulletproof!) stitching in the collar as well.    

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As far as the cleats go, well, they're smooth, and they contrast nicely with the full-on black that Oregon's rocking when wearing the Pro Combat unis. Oregon's colorways are always controversial, because they're combinations of funky greens and yellows. But the "highlight" color on the cleats and gloves are pretty dope, especially paired against the silver of the toe ... and heel.



Oregon's Helmets are always fresh-to-death, these obviously are no different. 

This video says it all.

New Oregon Nike Pro Combat Uniforms (via CBSSports)