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SB Nation iPhone App Frequently Asked Questions

SB Nation launched its iPhone app on Thursday morning, giving mobile users an impressive way to browse their favorite blogs, regional sites and national sites anywhere and anytime. The app furthers many of our SB Nation addictions, making following stories, commenting and interacting with other SB Nation users easier than ever before.

Of course, many have questions about the app and the future of SB Nation's mobile development. Here's a few frequently asked questions and my own answers to them.

Where can I find this mythical beast?
In the iPhone App Store, of course! We'll even make it easy for you with this direct link.

Is the SB Nation app available on Android?
No, not yet. But it will be!

The iPhone received the full attention of our amazing SB Nation Product Team first, and the lessons learned will transfer over to the Android platform. Expect an Android version in the next couple months -- by the end of the year.

But I have an Android and I don't want to wait...
I have one, too. But the anticipation will make the arrival of the app all the more better.

What's the difference between the iPhone app and using a mobile browser to access SB Nation sites?
Glad you asked! The app is its own platform, with its own interface and features that separate it from the typical mobile sites. It's a standalone, and boasts more power than simply browsing to your favorite site on whatever mobile device you own. In short, the iPhone app has a whole host of easy-to-use bells and whistles that were previously unavailable.

Like what?
If you own an iPhone, you can customize your SB Nation experience by setting your own lineup, populated with your favorite blogs. In addition to customizing the lineup, you'll also be able to track StoryStreams. This will notify you anytime the story of your choosing is updated, allowing you to stay on top of the biggest sports news items of the day. You'll also be able to tweet, like and share stories with those in your social circles.

Where can I learn more?
Right here!