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Oregon vs. LSU News, Notes & Analysis: Russell Shepard Suspended

Wide receiver Russell Shepard will not play in the season opener between the Oregon Ducks and LSU Tigers due to compliance issues.

The bodies keep on dropping for the big season-opener between the Oregon Ducks and the LSU Tigers. Randy Rosetta of Tiger Sports Digest reports  Russell Shepard is being suspended for the opening game due to compliance issues. The issue revolves around Shepard living with a student who works in the LSU football office, and apparently rent was being split in a way that raised the eyebrows of LSU compliance.

Shepard is coming off a season where he caught only 33 passes for 254 yards, but with Terrance Toliver on his way, he was expected to step up and be a big time contributor to the offense this season. Freshman Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham, Jr. will now almost certainly have to step in and help out Rueben Randle keep the passing game going for LSU quarterback, but Les Miles says they are ready.

Well, it's nice to see both teams being so conciliatory to each other. Oregon suspends its top cornerback Cliff Harris for the opening game, LSU returns the favor by suspending their best remaining wide receiver. Can't wait to see who else gets cancelled out of the Saturday Night Football opener!

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