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Photos Of Oregon's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms For 2011 Opener Against LSU

Ragging on the Oregon Ducks' uniforms is a favorite pastime of college football fans everywhere. Well, everywhere but Eugene, where the Ducks' weekly uniform combinations are met with praise and we're reminded of the recruiting advantages. However, credit where credit is due: Oregon's Pro Combat uniforms for its massive season-opening matchup with LSU are crisp, and put aside some of the more gaudy elements common to the Ducks' apparel.

For the LSU matchup, Oregon is going all-black. As one commenter suggested, it's a Duck Vader look. And I kind of dig it. Check out the photo below.

Darren Rovell's photo Here's a peek at the full uniform Oregon will wear during its 9/3 game vs. LSU
Darren Rovell on WhoSay

If I could find something to complain about, I probably would. But the Ducks Pro Combat uniforms are crisp. Of course, Oregon's school colors only make a small appearance in a supporting role, but black uniforms are in, everyone's doing them, and school colors have fallen by the wayside for many programs anyway. All told, Nike did well with the all-black Oregon Pro Combat uniforms.

What do you think of the Duck Vader combination? Is it the best Pro Combat uniform yet? Head on over to Addicted to Quack and let 'em know.