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AUDIO: Lache Seastrunk Interview Talks About Transferring From Oregon

Lache Seastrunk gave an interview on the situation with David Smoak of ESPN Texas regarding his transfer from Oregon to Baylor. It's a hard listen...not because Seastrunk is super-emotional, but because Seastrunk is talking at a million miles per hour. Here's the bullet point summary of the salient points discussed.

  • Seastrunk started sensing things when his family started calling him. He also said something didn't feel right when he was invited to go on the John Canzano show.
  • Seastrunk wanted to be close to his family, with his grandmother (who's struggling) and grandfather (who has emphysema) and help out in the household.
  • Seastrunk said he originally thought he wanted to be at Oregon, but thought something was about to happen in Eugene (ominous?) and needed to get up out of there.
  • Seastrunk picked Baylor because the coaching staff was always honest with him.
  • Seastrunk needs to prove he has important reasons to come back home to get the hardship waiver and try and gain immediate eligibility to play.
  • Seastrunk says Willie Lyles did not steer him on where to go to school (Oregon), just gave him insight on each of the schools.
  • Seastrunk was originally planning on attending USC, but decided to go to Oregon when Pete Carroll left for the Seahawks.
  • Seastrunk talked about God a lot. I'm guessing he's a religious boy.

Download the full audio by clicking here and clicking here.