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Little League World Series Schedule: Montana Looking To Make History

The Little League World Series is down to four teams. Does Montana have a chance to win it all?

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The Little League World Series has never seen a team out of Montana make the tournament, let alone the semifinals of the American region. With a squad of determined players and a little bit of luck, the team from Billings is now just two games away from a championship. It will not be easy, though.

Their foes on Wednesday -- Hunting Beach, CA -- were the favorites to win the entire tournament from the start, and have dominated each game they have played. They defeated the team out of LaGrange, Kentucky with a big 10-0 win and each of their previous games have been in a similar fashion.

On the international side of the bracket, Venezuela and Mexico will face off in the semifinals. Both teams remain undefeated and it appears to be evenly matched. This game, along with the Montana-California game, will be played Wednesday evening.

Best of luck to the Montana ball club who are representing the northwestern region of the country. Bring home the championship, little dudes!