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Taylor Mays Traded To Cincinnati Bengals, According To Report

Seattle native Taylor Mays has reportedly been traded to the Cincinnati Bengals after the San Francisco 49ers made it clear he was not in their long-term plans a few weeks ago. During the whirlwind free agency bonanza, the 49ers reportedly sent a mass email to every NFL team, letting it be known that Mays was up for grabs if a trade could be worked out. Now, after spending two preseason games in limbo, the 49ers reportedly found a buyer.

According to 950 KJR's Dave "Softy" Mahler, the O'Dea High School grad is headed to Cincinnati.

Per Source: #49ers S Taylor Mays going to #Bengals via trade. Working on details

Without details, we're all flying blind, but it's hard to imagine the Bengals giving up much of a price for Mays. Despite his off-the-charts athleticism, the safety out of USC has struggled, becoming a gifted athlete without a real position as a result. Now he'll head to Cincinnati, looking for a fresh start in an effort to finally get off the ground, hopefully making strides on the defensive side of the ball along the way.

While I'd love to say giving away Mays for what will likely be a late-round draft pick weakens the 49ers, it's probably not the case. He was clearly on the outs with the coaching staff and the hype surrounding him, stemming from his time at USC, has yet to match his production on the field

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