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Seahawks Vs Vikings: Seahawks Trail 13-0 At Half

Man, what an ugly, ugly first half. Not super surprising, considering the personnel and scheme changes the Seahawks have undergone in the last few months, but the Seahawks have looked a little rattled in all facets of the game. Of greatest concern are the Seahawks pass protection and run game -- the Hawks have struggled to gain any traction on the ground and Tarvaris Jackson has been running for his life for much of the first half. 

Despite that, Jackson has looked pretty decent. He's 11/21 for 75 yards and an interception. That interception came on a pass that went through Golden Tate's hands and into Viking Marcus Sherels hands. He ran it back 67 yards for a touchdown to go up 7-0.

The Hawks bounced back with a strong drive that unfortunately stalled on the 1-yard line with 4 straight run plays that failed to punch it into the endzone.

The Seahawks defense has played well, only giving up two field goals to the Vikings first team offense. After the first quarter, the Vikings has 3 total yards of offense and led 7-0.  The Hawks time of possession was 13 minutes to the Vikings 2 minutes. 

At the Half, the Seahawks had 139 total yards and 8 first downs, but failed to score. The Vikings had 132 total yards and 9 first downs. The Seahawks racked up 8 penalties for a loss of 69 yards, something they will need to rein in during the second half.