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NFL Trade Rumors: Would Osi Umenyiora For John Carlson And Draft Pick Work For Giants & Seahawks?

Keep in mind this is John Clayton, and John Clayton likes throwing chocolate chip cookie dough at a wall of trade rumors to make it look tantalizingly sweet. That being said, let's progress forward.

The Zach Miller signing for the Seattle Seahawks could mean that current starting tight end John Carlson might be displaced, and thus might be out. Seattle could very well look to try and deal him now to try and get the other player they've been coveting lately--New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

The Giants weren't willing to part with Osi for anymore than a first round pick, but that price might drop if they can add in Carlson to the deal. This could also clear up any compunctions for the Giants to keep Kevin Boss, and then dominoes start falling throughout the league, and the Buffalo Bills make the playoffs. (Ok, maybe the butterfly effect isn't that strong.)

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