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2011 NFL Free Agents: Seahawks Confirm They've Signed Zach Miller

This Zach Miller story went one way, then the other way, then back another way, until finally it seems to end up this way. Don't you love rumor mills?

The latest story (and hopefully final story) is that the "Miller going back to Oakland" stories from this morning aren't quite correct. Adam Schefter tweeted that John Clayton and Mike Sando (talk about ESPN synergy!) are reporting that the Seattle Seahawks did indeed beat out the Oakland Raiders for Miller's services, and he will sign with them later today.

Miller is a perfect West Coast offense tight end and should fit in perfectly to the system Seattle runs. He can be put in optimal spots, make plenty of the necessary catches and should provide the Seahawks with another important offensive weapon they lacked last year. Now if they could just get a quarterback that could get Miller the ball, they'd be set!

(Easier said than done.)

UPDATE: The Seahawks confirmed they've signed Miller. The deal is reported at 5 years, $34 million, with $17 million guaranteed.

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