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2011 NFL Free Agency: Seahawks Sign Jimmy Wilkerson

The Seahawks acquired a defensive end! 

But it's not Osi Umenyiora.

Seattle has signed defensive lineman Jimmy Wilkerson to a one-year, $1.5 million dollar contract for the upcoming season. The veteran defensive end spent the 2010 season with the Saints -- his one and only season in New Orleans -- after multiple successful years in Tampa Bay and Kansas City.

John Clayton reported on Sunday that the Seahawks had worked out Wilkerson and then word came Tuesday morning of the signing. Liz Mathews has confirmed the signing with the team:

#Seahawks confirm the team has agreed to terms with Jimmy Wilkerson.

This is a solid signing to bring a veteran defensive end to Seattle. It remains to be seen if this move has any effect on potentially bringing Umenyiora to the great northwest, but one would have to assume it would not. Wilkerson could be a valuable player for a season or two, but he does not appear to be in the team's future plans past 2012 or 2013.