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NFL Trade Rumors: Seahawks Interested In Osi Umenyiora, Price Remains Steep

Osi Umenyiora is coveted by a majority of the teams in the league, but it appears as if a few franchises at least have definite interest in acquiring the talented defensive end. The price for acquiring Umenyiora will be very steep, though, and the Giants do not necessarily want to trade him.

From this report courtesy of Pro Football Talk:

They reportedly started trade negotiations on Monday by letting teams know they wanted a first-round pick in return. Any interested team will also have to give Umenyiora a new contract, so that trade price seems prohibitive.

Two things could be at play here:

1. The Giants don't really want to deal Umenyiora.

2. They are just starting the negotiating off on their terms, and will be willing to accept a lesser offer.

This should not come as a surprise. No team wants to deal their star players and the Giants want a top-level return for their asset. Who could blame them?

From the same article:

ESPN's Adam Schefter says it has become clear no one will give up a first-round pick for Umenyiora, who has been watching training camp from the sidelines. Vacchiano says the Giants won't come off their first-round pick asking price (at least for now) and Umenyiora is unlikely to play for the Giants at his current salary.

This leaves an interesting dynamic to the whole scenario. As of right now, no team would be willing to part with a first round pick to acquire Umenyiora. This could all change in a matter a moments, though, especially if a team the defensive end is interested in decides to bite the bullet and give New York what they are asking for. It's something to keep an eye on.

As for where we stand at this moment, it appears anything is at a standstill and any potential deal could take a while to get done.