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NFL Free Agency: Zach Miller Meets With Seattle, Could Be Heading Back To Oakland

The battle for Zach Miller is heating up and is likely nearing it's conclusion. After meeting with the Seahawks on Monday to discuss a potential move to Seattle -- albeit we still do not know if there's a legitimate interest or if Miller is simply using them for leverage -- the Raiders have allegedly done enough in terms of restructuring contracts to prepare the tight end a monster contract.

Did Oakland do enough to sway the tight end back in their favor? Did Miller really use Seattle just for leverage? Or is the talented tight end seriously contemplating a move north?

According to Greg Papa, the voice of Raiders Radio, Miller will be wearing black and silver this upcoming season.

That's the word from Mr. Raiders Radio, Greg Papa. He just said on 95.7 FM that "Zach Miller will be back with the Raiders."

The tight end, an unrestricted free agent, was up in Seattle yesterday visiting with the Seahawks, after waiting for a week for Oakland to get under the salary cap. Yesterday, the Raiders did that by re-doing linebacker Kamerion Wimbley's contract.

Papa put it well: "Al Davis didn't just give Kamerion Wimbley $29 million to lose Zach Miller to Tom Cable."

Wimbley tore up his $11.3 million franchise tag to sign up a five-year, $48 million contract, with $29 million of that guaranteed.

Could Papa have an inside scoop here? Maybe. Could he also just be speculating and letting a personal preference interfere with what's really going on? That's also possible. 

The Seahawks have $21 million dollars in cap space and could make an enticing offer to Miller should the tight end continue to show interest in Seattle. Oakland also has money, though, and they are not about to lose their star player for nothing. This could get really interesting in the coming hours and days.