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VIDEO: Darron Thomas Claims He Was Asleep During Cliff Harris Speeding Incident

So you've probably all seen the now famous Cliff Harris video where the Oregon Ducks starting cornerback is like "I smoke all the pot" and all that. Yeah yeah, Cliff Harris will always be like that. At least he keeps it real.

His teammate Darron Thomas though? He keeps it about as real as Tinkerbell.

Rob Moseley of Duck Football got this statement from the Oregon starting quarterback about his role in the speeding case (his THIRD case of being a passenger in traffic incidents, the first two being with Jeremiah Masoli and Eddie Pleasant).

Darron Thomas said he was asleep when Cliff Harris was pulled over in June, and that Harris wasn't driving when he fell asleep.

For sure Darron. Usually when people take a couple of bong hits, drop a few blunts, and "smoke all the pot", they tend to just get a little drowsy, and close their eyes a little bit. Then they wake up and all the pot is gone and they're so hungry they want to get a burger or something, maybe two burgers and some fries and a milkshake. Who doesn't love milkshakes. Do you want a milkshake Darron? Or maybe some cookies. Who doesn't love a cookie?

UPDATE: Here's the video of the actual Thomas interview courtesy of Moseley.

(via rgoregonfootball)


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