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Tavaris Jackson Will Play First Half On Saturday Against His Former Team

Quarterback Tavaris Jackson will start and play the first half of Saturday's preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings, according to the Seattle Seahawks. Jackson, who was brought in during the offseason and named the starting quarterback by coach Pete Carroll, will get a shot to beat his former team.

Jackson saw limited action in the Seahawks' first preseason game, throwing for 13 yards on three of five passes and rushing for 12 yards and two rushes. He played the first two Seahawks series, playing through the first quarter, before Charlie Whitehurst got his chance.

Saturday's game presents a great opportunity for Jackson to get some payback against his old team. He spent five years with the Vikings but never got a chance as the franchise's main quarterback. In 2009 and 2010, when it appeared that Jackson might get the starting nod, Brett Favre stole the show and Jackson was left watching from the sidelines.

Now he will get one half (and maybe more) to show the Vikings what they missed out on. You can bet that Jackson will be motivated.