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Russell Okung Injury Diagnosed As Sprained Ankle, According To Pete Carroll

When Russell Okung went down on the Seahawks first series in San Diego it was cause for much concern. He stood up in front of the bench, hopping around, then was carted off for further observation. The initial post-game word from Pete Carroll was that he injured his leg on a non-contact play, and that the Left Tackle was very disappointed. 

Then came word that the diagnosis was a sprained ankle, some said high ankle sprain, but that the x-rays were negative. Two high ankle sprains, one to each leg, kept Okung out of much of his rookie season with the Seahawks. Pete Carroll confirmed, when asked if it was in the same spot that "It's in that area". 

It's unlikely the tackle sees much more of pre-season, but with negative x-rays, he should be available again near the beginning of the season. For all things Seattle Seahwaks, be sure to follow: