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Seattle Storm Vs. Tulsa Shock Halftime Score: Storm Up 50-28

The Seattle Storm's offense wasn't necessarily fluid at all times, but they did a considerably better job of taking care of the ball and went into halftime with a 50-28 lead.

After averaging over 19 turnovers per game in their last five games, the Storm only turned the ball over three times in the first half against the Shock. Although things were not perfect as the Storm made plenty of mistakes that the league's elite defensive teams have turned into turnovers, they did some things right that we haven't seen in recent games.

Storm guard Tanisha Wright led the way with nine points and two assists in the first half, but forward Swin Cash also rebounded from her 1-for-13 performance in New York on Tuesday with eight points and three rebounds. However, Cash and Wright were the key figures in the Storm's first half effort primarily because of how they continued to attack the basket and put pressure on the Shock's somewhat porous defense. Their efforts to help get high percentage shots was key to the team's 66.7 percent shooting in the first half while the Shock only shot 34.6 percent from the field.

6-foot-8 Shock center Liz Cambage came off the bench to lead the Shock with game-highs of 11 points and six rebounds in the first half. Her height and ability to draw fouls to get to the free throw line presents a challenge to the relatively undersizxd Storm's defense.

Getting out of a game with under 10 turnovers - even against a 20-loss team in a blowout - would be a bonus if the Storm can maintain this pace in the second half.