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Seahawks vs. Chargers: Tavaris Jackson, Charlie Whitehurst To Target Sea Lions; Five Seattle WRs Out

San Diego Chargers RB Ryan Matthews is really trying to make his presence felt this season after struggling throughout his freshman campaign. He's going to try and give it a go tonight.

Seahawks injury notes.

  • Chris Clemons is still struggling with ankle issues. He will not play.
  • Mike Williams has a toe problem. Scratch him out too.
  • Sidney Rice will sit out because he has the disease of injury history, and the Seahawks are concerned he might catch it. He is warming up on the field.
  • Walter Thurmond will not play for undisclosed reasons. It could be sprained ankle. I'm going with "lost at Sea World".
  • As already discussed by Danny Kelly, Kris Durham, Kentwan Balmer and Red Bryant will all be sitting on the sidelines on this one. Or standing. SB Nation Seattle will surely be the first to break the news on what type of prone position they feel is best for them.
  • Five Seattle WRs won't play, which could lead to some interesting play-calling tonight. I've already mentioned a couple. Guess the rest!
  • The full list of last names (try to match them up with the first)!Butler, Williams, Rice, Thurmond, Lewis, Davis, Alford, Piurowski, Bryant, Durham, Obomanu, Morrah, Cole, Clemons, Balmer and Sims.

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