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Husky Stadium Renovation: Website & Details, Details, Details

Gregg Bell, director of writing for UW's athletic department, has all your most pressing news details on the home of the Washington Huskies football team, which will be undergoing renovations near the end of 2011 and will reopen for fall 2013.

  • Seats will be closer to the stadium now that the out-of-place track is being removed, moving from 72 to 44 feet in. The track is being moved north of the UW soccer field to what is currently open field, and will be colored purple and gray.
  • $42 million of $50 million targeted for private fundraising has been raised.
  • Washington will come out of its own tunnel; visitors will have their own tunnel.
  • There will be no significant raise in ticket prices for the new Husky Stadium. Season tickets for students will be $99 in 2012 at the Seahawks stadium, and $99 in 2013 at the new Husky Stadium.
  • 70 thousand square foot football operations building will be on the west end of the new stadium, with a recruiting lounge overlooking the field.

Want to check out the new Husky Stadium look? Go to the official website dedicated to the renovation process!

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