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Matt Hasselbeck Talks Free Agency, Seattle Seahawks Departure, Mentoring Jake Locker

Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck recently spoke with KJR 950 AM's Dave Mahler about his time in Seattle, his move to Tennessee, and his role with his new team as a mentoring veteran to Washington Alum Jake Locker

Haselbeck admits that leaving Seattle was a very hard thing to do, and ehn he found out he wouldn't be returning felt "Like getting dumped by your girlfriend." Matt's choices were down to two teams, The 49ers or the Titans, and went with Tennessee basically because "The fact that Jake Locker was here was attractive to me." Hasselbeck knows his role, knows he's an aging QB with a developing one waiting in the wings, an there is no point in denying the inevitable; might as well help the kid out however he can:

 "I'm totally fine with that. I dont want to play forever. I know what I can do to help Jake."    

Hasselbeck mentioned that working with new OC Darrell Bevell in Seattle "Would have been simple to hit the ground running. It would have been one of the positives in coming back," but moving on to a new system in Tennessee is something that he will have to get used to as well. 

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