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Evergreen High School Track Coach Tyrone Curry Helps Build New Track With Lottery Winnings

The Seattle Times ran an inspiring front page story in Saturday's paper about Tyrone Curry, a newly-retired track coach and janitor at Evergreen High School in the Highline School District. Curry won $3.4 million dollars in the lottery five years ago, but ended up keeping his job as a janitor and track coach. 

Along with keeping his jobs, Curry donated $40,000 to help build a new track at Evergreen,

"He was always talking about how he wanted to do that," said his friend of 30 years, Frank Luckett. "He's the kind of guy that even when he was having hard times, he would somehow come up with money to help a kid who needed a uniform or a bag." (Via: Seattle Times)

King 5 News ran a feature story about Curry in April:

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Curry's story is nothing short of inspiring. He could have easily quit his job five years ago when he won the lottery, but instead, he continued to give even more to Evergreen High School.