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Mike Trout To Make Major League Debut Friday Night Against Seattle Mariners

If you follow MLB prospects, you know Mike Trout. Even if you don't, it's likely you've heard of Trout at one point or another. The Los Angeles Angels youngster is, depending on who you ask, the best prospect in all of baseball, and will make his much-anticipated major league debut on Friday night against the Seattle Mariners. At just 19-years-old, Trout is making the jump, thanks in large part to a hamstring injury sustained by Peter Bourjos on Thursday night.

The move came seemingly out of nowhere: The Angels front office sprung into action after Thursday night's game, making the move to promote Trout all the way to the big leagues. The hype involved in his promotion has Angels' fans clearly excited, with expectations high for the young outfielder's debut.

Trout will bat ninth against the Mariners, and manager Mike Scioscia says he's likely to play all weekend. He's the youngest player on a major league roster and the youngest to debut with the Angels since 19-year-old Andy Hassler came up on May 30, 1971.

It's unclear whether this is a temporary move meant to serve as a stop-gap until whenever Bourjos returns or whether Trout will stay up for an extended period of time. At 19, Trout could probably use more seasoning in the minors, but there's no doubt the Angels feel they have something special on their hands.

On Friday night, Trout will face Mariners pitcher Blake Beavan, a stop-gap filling in for Erik Bedard. The real matchup to watch may be Saturday's -- rookie stud Michael Pineda is scheduled to take the field. If Trout plays the final game of the series on Sunday, he'll face Felix Hernandez, completing a gauntlet for the young outfielder.

Trout will bat ninth on Friday as the Angels face the Mariners at 7:05 p.m.

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