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The Seattle Mariners As An Ice Cream Flavor: Rainbow Sherbet

Timothy Malcolm, editor for the Times Herald-Record and big baseball fan, wrote a blog post that compared each major league baseball team to ice cream.

The 2011 baseball season is in full swing, as is the 2011 summer season. With the 4th of July just about here, I was at an ice cream stand, enjoying some Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream when I realized, "I could compare every baseball team to an ice cream flavor!" (Via: Timothy Malcolm tumblr)

While the Yankees were vanilla, and the Boston Red Sox were chocolate, the Mariners were pegged as Rainbow Sherbet:

A while ago, you remember Rainbow Sherbet was a cool flavor that seemed to come out of left field. It was dynamic, thrilling and a little unappreciated. But time hasn’t been really kind to Rainbow Sherbet. And time hasn’t been kind to the Mariners, though the future may be brighter. Hopefully the future is brighter for Rainbow Sherbet, too.

Maybe it's a reference to 1995 or a reference to 2001, but the past isn't what matters. What matters is that the Rainbow Sherbet Seattle Mariners need to have a bright future.

(Via: Big League Stew)