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2011 Women's World Cup: Hope Solo Concedes Second Goal; USA Trails Sweden, 2-0

The USA is in trouble in its final group stage match in the 2011 Women's World Cup, trailing Sweden in the first half, 2-0. Both the United States and Sweden will advance no matter the outcome, but the USA needs a draw or win to avoid Brazil in the quarterfinals. And after Hope Solo carried a shutout streak that lasted two games in the Women's World Cup, she's given up two goals in the first 35 minutes, both of which came from dead-ball situation.

Like the first goal -- a penalty conceded by Amy LePeilbet and hammered home by Lisa Dahlkvist -- there was little Solo could do. A Rachel Buehler foul just outside the 18-yard-box put Sweden in prime position to score a free kick goal. Nilla Fischer took advantage, though Solo could do little to stop the effort after an unlucky bounce off the wall sent the incoming ball away from the direction she was headed.

The goal puts the United States in an almost impossible hole, and is the first test the American side has faced in the Women's World Cup. If this score holds, Sweden would face Australia in the quarterfinals while the Americans would battle Brazil. If the United States can come back to tie or win the game, the American side would face Australia and Sweden would get Brazil.

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