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Women's World Cup 2011, USA Vs. Sweden Score: Hope Solo's Shutout Streak Ends

It took 195 minutes, but Hope Solo finally conceded a goal in the 2011 Women's World Cup as Sweden took a 1-0 lead in the final group stage matchup for both sides. The goal, however, did not come from the run of play, instead coming after Amy LePeilbet was whistled for a foul in the box, conceding a penalty as a result. Solo guessed correctly, diving to her right on the penalty attempt, but Lisa Dahlkvist's shot had enough pace to make any attempt to save it nearly futile.

Solo had just made a brilliant kick save to prevent a goal minutes earlier, recovering from a slight misstep in the process. The penalty came after the American back-line allowed Dahlkvist to burst free, with LePeilbet making a clumsy tackle in the box to both draw a yellow card and concede the penalty.

Both the USA and Sweden are already through to the quarterfinals having won their first two group stage matches for a total of six points. The US holds an edge in goal differential, meaning a tie would give the American side the No. 1 seed out of Group C with either a win or draw. Sweden must win to earn the easier path to the semifinals.

A win on Wednesday is all-important for the USA: Brazil is waiting for the No. 2 seed from Group C. Brazil picked up a full nine points in its group, winning all three matches with a +7 goal differential.

With just 25 minutes gone in the first half, the United States trails Sweden in the Women's World Cup, 1-0.

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