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2011 MLB All-Star Game Rosters: Felix Hernandez, Brandon League To Represent Seattle Mariners

The 2011 MLB All-Star Game rosters were announced on Sunday while many were away enjoying the lengthy holiday weekend. For the Seattle Mariners, the pickings were slim, with only two players selected to initial All-Star Game rosters. Felix Hernandez, the reigning Cy Young Award winner, made the cut, with Brandon League also earning a nod for his work as the Mariners' closer this season.

Here is the full American League roster, courtesy of Baseball Nation.

Starters: Alex Avila (C, Detroit Tigers), Adrian Gonzalez (1B, Boston Red Sox), Robinson Cano (2B, New York Yankees), Alex Rodriguez (3B, New York Yankees), Derek Jeter (SS, New York Yankees), David Ortiz (DH, Boston Red Sox), Jose Bautista (OF, Toronto Blue Jays), Curtis Granderson (OF, New York Yankees) and Josh Hamilton (OF, Texas Rangers).

Position Players: Matt Wieters (C, Baltimore Orioles), Jacoby Ellsbury (OF, Boston Red Sox), Carlos Quentin (OF, Chicago White Sox), Asdrubal Cabrera (SS, Cleveland Indians), Miguel Cabrera (1B, Detroit Tigers), Howie Kendrick (2B, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Michael Cuddyer (OF, Minnesota Twins), Russell Martin (C, New York Yankees), Matt Joyce (OF, Tampa Bay Rays), Adrian Beltre (3B, Texas Rangers), Michael Young (IF, Texas Rangers).

Pitchers: Chris Perez (RP, Cleveland Indians), Jose Valverde (RP, Detroit Tigers), Aaron Crow (RP, Kansas City Royals), Josh Beckett (SP, Boston Red Sox), Mariano Rivera (RP, New York Yankees), Gio Gonzalez (SP, Oakland Athletics), Felix Hernandez (SP, Seattle Mariners), Justin Verlander (SP, Detroit Tigers), Brandon League (RP, Seattle Mariners), David Price (SP, Tampa Bay Rays), James Shields (SP, Tampa Bay Rays), Jered Weaver (SP, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), C.J. Wilson (SP, Texas Rangers).

Thanks to the fan vote, the American League roster is full of New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Of the position players voted into the game, six of the nine players hail from New York or Boston. Jose Bautista was the leading vote-getter among position players.

Of note, Ichiro did not make the cut, either as a starter or reserve. Thus far, the Mariners' right fielder has struggled, lacking the form Seattle fans are accustomed to. Sadly, the American League will miss-out on its typical, expletive-filled pre-game speech from the colorful outfield.

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