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VIDEO: Roberto Nelson Dunks, Breaks Backboard, Wrecks His Face

Throwing down a powerful dunk can be both a thing of beauty and a health and safety hazard. If done correctly, a rim-rattling slam can leave those in attendance in awe, bringing crowds to their feet and creating a neat-and-tidy highlight reel play. But if done on a rim not ready for a full-on throwdown, it can get quite messy, as Oregon State's Roberto Nelson found out.

Nelson and 14 other Oregon State Beavers are in Macedonia for the hilariously named "Beavers without Borders." Unfortunately, the rims in Macedonia weren't ready for the heat Nelson was bringing and surrendered at the slightest touch.

Nelson may have won the battle, but the rim seems to have won the war. All he got was a nice highlight that will stand the test of time, as well as a jacked-up face. When rims fight back, the results can be painful.

Nelson's tip-dunk left him on the ground, surrounded by glass and the rim he conquered. This is how you shut it down in Macedonia. Stitches, bandages and mummified arms were a must, and apt war scars from his battle with the rim.