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2011 Cougar Hardwood Classic: Washington State, Pepperdine To Play At Key Arena

The Washington St. Cougars basketball team is going to have to get used to life without Klay Thompson. Because their undefeated record in the Cougar Hardwood Classic is about to be seriously challenged this year. The big bad Pepperdine Waves are coming to Seattle, and WSU needs to prepare themselves for an upset special spectacular.

Here is your totally premature preview of the Waves.

  • Pepperdine was ranked 280th by Ken Pomeroy last year.
  • They had one of the worst defenses in the country.
  • They had one of the worst shooting defenses in the country.
  • They only lost to UCLA by ten points. (WTF UCLA?)
  • One of the quotes promoting this game goes like this: "The Waves played more than their fair share of close games last season, as 10 contests came down to a shot at the regulation buzzer (including six of the final eight games of the season)." So basically, every game Pepperdine plays is like March Madness, therefore when Pepperdine plays WSU, it'll be just like March Madness (ignore the laws of logic for a second here.

Seems like a tough matchup. If I had to project this contest, I'd imagine the Cougars having less than a 99.999% chance of winning. Very close to that at least.

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